Laptop Theft is a Serious Problem

Almost all of us know someone who has lost or had their mobile device stolen. Thieves are becoming more sophisticated every day. They are after your personal information.

But what about losing your laptop computer?  Petty thieves used to steal a laptop for its quick resale value. But as laptop prices have come down and their computing power goes up, it is the data contained on them where the money is for a criminal.

With readily available IT tools, they can access your hard disk and extract all your personal information. The results can be much more serious than leaving your wallet or purse at the coffee shop. According to the FBI, a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds and 97% of stolen laptops never recovered, so it’s more important than ever for all of us to protect our digital assets.

McAfee is helping protect you with the new release of McAfee Anti-Theft, security software designed for Ultrabooks to protect your property and personal information. This latest product is a collaborative effort with Intel that leverages Intel Anti-Theft Technology to provide device and data protection for consumers in today’s connected world.

This smart security tool combines hardware with software to detect potential theft, help you track your lost or stolen Ultrabook, and lock it down remotely so your personal files stay that way. Once your PC is returned, getting back to normal is as easy as typing in your personal password. And with the provided Intel Anti-Theft stickers, thieves may think twice about stealing a laptop that’s so well protected.

McAfee Anti-Theft is available on Ultrabook devices. It’s just one more way McAfee helps you keep your personal information protected for a more worry-free digital life.

Robert Siciliano is an Online Security Evangelist to McAfee. Watch him discussing information he found on used electronic devices YouTube. (Disclosures)