Digital Security Improves Our Lives

Our lives depend on the convenience of digital and require the security behind the scenes. Take contactless payment for example. Contactless payments are a faster, more convenient alternative to cash when making small purchases at fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and transport terminals. They are also ideal for remote or unattended payment situations, such as vending machines, road tolls, or parking meters.

These transactions are protected by multiple layers of security, which protect both retailers and consumers.

Some of these security features are incorporated within a card’s microprocessor chip, while others are part of the same networks that protect traditional credit and debit card transactions.

Think about how much more “digital” our lives have become. Digital assets include: entertainment files (e.g., music downloads), personal memories (e.g., photographs), personal communications (e.g., emails), personal records (e.g., health, financial, insurance) and career information (e.g., resumes, portfolios, cover letters, contacts), as well as any creative projects or hobbies involving digital files.

Every bit of this adds up to “more and better.” By this, I offer an example. I have a seven-year-old daughter who has evolved into a smarter, more well-rounded and aware child than I ever was. And, with the comfort of digital security, the technology that we expose her to makes much of that possible.

And this exposure is ubiquitous. While many people protect their PCs and digital assets from malware by installing antivirus software, they leave the doors open to criminals when it comes to smartphones, tablets and Macs, however. Bad guys are now targeting these devices, as their users’ complacency has made breaking into these devices the path of least resistance. Now more than ever, a multi-device security strategy is necessary.

But don’t fret. Enjoy your technology, be smart about it and make sure to exercise your security muscles.

Robert Siciliano, is a personal security expert contributor to Just Ask Gemalto and author of 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Your Mobile was Hacked! . Disclosures