Barefoot Burglar Gets His Final Sentence

You may recall the story about Colton Harris-Moore, who as a teenager was busted for committing over 100 burglaries in the Pacific Northwest. He stole cars, speedboats and airplanes and is known as the “Barefoot Burglar” because he kicked off his shoes running through the woods from the police.

After two years of running, Harris-Moore was busted in a chase that involved police, boats and bullets. Most of these stories usually end up with the perpetrator being dead. But this now-20-year-old will live to tell another tale—from prison. Last summer, he signed a movie deal to make $1.3 million with 20th Century Fox. However, he won’t earn any money from this, as all the funds will go to restitution.

Fox News reports, “The young man known as the ‘Barefoot Bandit’ pleaded guilty to burglary Wednesday in a Washington County court, perhaps closing the lengthy saga involving a run from the law in stolen cars, boats and airplanes. Judge Rickert acknowledged Harris-Moore’s difficult childhood and lack of parental support that led him to start breaking into cabins and stores as a teenager and that ended with dozens of felony convictions.

“’This is the high cost of low living,’ the judge said. ‘If you can fly an airplane by a manual,’ the judge said, ‘I guess you can pass a GED in three weeks.’ Browne said it wouldn’t be the last chapter in the Harris-Moore story, ‘because you’re going to hear a lot more from Colton, but in positive ways.’”

There is only one Barefoot Burglar, but there are thousands of others breaking into the business every day.

  • Lock your doors and windows.
  • Install a monitored alarm system.
  • Give your home that lived-in look.
  • Leave the TV on LOUD while you are gone.
  • Install timers on your lights—both indoor and outdoor.
  • Close the shades to prevent peeping inside.
  • Use defensive signage.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston. Disclosures.