The Benefits of Having Keyless Locks

You already know what a keyless lock is. It’s simply a “combination lock,” but much more advanced and sophisticated than the ones you had on your high school locker. The old combo locks required three turns in a clockwise/counterclockwise direction to open. Combo locks are cumbersome, confusing and sometimes don’t pass the “grandmother test”.

But today’s keyless locks are push button or touch pads numbered 0-9, like a telephone keypad or ATM. Newer-model automobiles have keyless locks too. Pressing “1276” is much easier for Grandma, and she doesn’t have to worry about fumbling around for or losing her keys. (And, just like combo locks and automobiles, keyless locks also have a key as a backup.)

When going keyless, there are no more keys to lose, hide, carry or forget, so you can secure your home while you run or walk around the neighborhood. I run and used to have to wear a small runner’s pouch just to keep my house key on my person, but not anymore.

Schlage’s Touchscreen Deadbolt is the best keyless lock out there. It’s a motorized bolt that automatically locks and unlocks when a four-digit user code is entered and its lock-and-leave functionality requires only one touch to instantly safeguard the home.

Every aspect of the Touchscreen Deadbolt has been designed with homeowners’ security in mind. Backed by more than 90 years of inventive Schlage design, the Touchscreen Deadbolt delivers an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade 1 security rating, the highest residential rating awarded on the market, as certified by Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA).

The Touchscreen Deadbolt can hold up to 30 unique access codes and is designed to support temporary codes for homeowner convenience. For example, codes can be tailored to specific days and times of the week to provide home access only when scheduled, such as for cleaning service personnel.

Built-in Alarm Lock Technology

Keeping families safe, the Touchscreen Deadbolt is armed with built-in alarm technology, sensing a range of activity and alerting homeowners with three different automated sounds for three different situations. For example, the Activity Alert sounds when it detects that someone is leaving or entering the house; the Tamper Alert sounds when the lock is being disturbed; and the Forced Entry Alert sounds after identifying significant pressure, such as a kick to the door or a shove to the lock.

It’s a battery-operated lock, so if the power goes out you’re still covered. The battery lasts approximately one year,

What happens when the battery is dead? Well, you’d need to use your key. However, keyless locks are pretty much idiot-proof—meaning there are numerous warning lights and alarm sounds telling you to change the battery when it’s low. My recommendation is to change your keyless locks’ batteries when you change your smoke alarm batteries which is supposed to be with Daylight Saving Time, but January 1 and July 1 are the dates I use to make my changes. Learn how to change the battery here.

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