Top 10 Components of the Ultimate Home Security System

You’ve been thinking about getting a home security system but haven’t because you want to do it right and not invest in old, outdated technology. Well, you’re in luck, because now’s the time. Home security system technology is as advanced as it’s ever been, and just about anyone can afford a basic system—and, for a few more bucks, the Ultimate Home Security System is available too.

The basics for the Ultimate Home Security System include:

  1. Control panels near every door and in many rooms that can activate the alarm or trigger a panic alarm.
  2. Alarm central monitoring: If it’s not being monitored, what’s the sense in it?
  3. An alarm or siren to freak out the burglar and alert the neighbors.
  4. Motion sensors everywhere—enough motion sensors to detect movement, but not sensitive enough that they will send false alarms all day.
  5. Security cameras in every room, and more surveying every point of the exterior of the home.
  6. Viewing monitors in every room, keeping the homeowner fully aware of any activity. It’s nice to have a monitor wherever you are.
  7. Glass break sensors in every room, alerting the homeowner to smashed doors or windows.
  8. Door and window sensors on every door and every window on every floor.
  9. Mobile applications to control the system from any tablet, mobile phone, computer or laptop.

10. Sensors for light control, fire, carbon monoxide, extreme heat or freezing.

All of this can be had for under $500 if you have a small house or apartment; as you add more rooms, it adds up. I have most of this above, and it was around two grand for my 3000 sq ft home—and it was, and is, worth every dollar.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston. Disclosures.