Teens trash Million Dollar Mansion

If your home is full of valuables, why not add one more valuable: a home security system?

1HA mansion in La Habra Heights (California) was ransacked by 16 teenagers; they made off like bandits with over $1 million worth of property. It all began when some local teens noticed that the mansion was vacant (the homeowner was out of town). They announced a backyard party via Twitter.

The $7 million house was burglarized during the party. The teens made a party of the robbery, going as far as tweeting images of theft in progress.

Thank goodness 16 of these male and female crooks were taken into custody. Some of the stolen items have been recovered, including a stuffed snow leopard valued at $250,000, a suit of armor, statues, electronics and scuba gear. Looks like this glorious mansion did not have a security system, or if it did, it was not left on before the homeowner went out of town.

Had this home had a comprehensive security system (or at least any pre-existing one turned on), the teenagers would not have been able to gain entry without setting off ear-piercing alarms and activating a response from the local police department. The police would have been there within minutes.

In fact, a complete security system would have made it impossible for the kids to even remain outdoors and party. A complete security setup should include a deterrent to even walking onto the property, let alone hanging out on it.

However, the most elaborate security system won’t make your home look occupied. Adjuncts to an electronic security system can include:

  • A small device that generates flickering light, simulating a TV set on. Place these in several rooms whose windows are easily seen, and cruising teens or older thugs will think someone’s home.
  • Devices that turn lights on and off at timed intervals.
  • Leaving a TV or sound system on loud.
  • Having a trusted adult keep an eye on the house.
  • Hiring a trusted house sitter, preferably one with a dog that will bark when someone approaches the house.
  • The security company’s logo should be in plain site on main doors and on all ground level windows. The company’s sign should also be staked into the ground at several points where a burglar is likely to traverse.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to BestHomeSecurityCompanys.com discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston. Disclosures.