Defensive Shrubs prick Intruders

Ever consider using plants to deter an intruder? No, not smashing a cactus into his face, (but that’s an option) but growing thorn-bearing tress, shrubs and vines outside your house. The reasons these plants have thorns is to protect them from predators. They can protect you from predators as well.

1SIf vulnerable areas of your residence have thorn-bearing plants, this can ward off intruders. Some plant varieties grow very fast and prolifically. It’s just a matter of finding out which type of plant grows best in your location. To determine your plant hardiness zone go here to search your zone and plant.

Thorn-bearing Trees

Nobody wants to climb a tree whose trunk is jutting thorns.

  • Honey locust. This tree sprouts sharp red thorns, but also provides edible sweet seeds that can be given to livestock.
  • Argentine mesquite. The thorns on this tree grow to two inches. No criminal will want to tackle these thorns to get to your second story window.
  • Black locust. These thorns not only prick, but cause swelling and additional pain.

Thorn-bearing vines

Here is security and beauty all wrapped into one. Check out the following varieties:

  • Climbing roses
  • Catsclaw creeper
  • Bougainvillea
  • Blackberry vines

Thorn-bearing bushes

Nobody’s going to want to get past these to access your window.

  • Cactus. If your climate permits, these spiked plants will scare off intruders. The chollas have two inch thorns.
  • Pyracantha (fire thorn bush). The thorns will produce a burning stinging that will last for hours.
  • Rogosa roses. These pretty flowers have plenty of thorns.
  • Catsclaw acacia. The thorns are hidden by flowers and leaves; a nice surprise for a burglar.
  • Washington hawthorn tree. It can be pruned into a bush and grow right under a window, displaying aesthetic red berries.
  • Oregon grape holly. This attractive shrub has two inch thorns.

An alarm system is a great way to deter a bad guy from coming in your home, but may not stop an intruder from making contact with a portal to your home. However, many different kinds of vegetation can make a criminal think twice before even getting close enough to put his hands on a window or other portal.

Beef up your home’s electronic security network by planting a network of beautiful but imposing greenery.

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