What is a Reverse Peephole Viewer?

A reverse peephole viewer is exactly what the words sound like: It reverses the effects of a peephole, meaning it allows you to see inside, from the outside. The viewer’s lenses reverse the effect of the peephole’s convex lenses, and easily fits in your pocket.

1HLaw enforcement commonly uses the reverse peephole viewer to access possible threats inside a home.

For obvious reasons, a person wanting to invade a home would love to have a reverse peephole viewer. The peephole is a two-edged sword: providing a sense of security to the residential dweller, but allowing some thug on the other side to see in. The viewer can be easily obtained by anybody.

Peephole Safety Tips

When’s the last time you examined your peephole?

  • Look through your peepholes to see if the image is clear.
  • If the view is unclear or cloudy, or in some other way compromised, consider replacing the peephole.
  • Examine the outside of it as well. Is it loose? Can you unscrew it? If so, remove this portion and or tighten it.
  • Use Loctite to treat the threads of the outer part and then put it back.
  • Inspect the peephole’s edges for gouging; this can mean tampering.

Replacing a Peephole

  • The inside portion has two notches. Put a large screwdriver into these notches; unscrew this portion while you hold the outside portion still.
  • Unscrew all the way; remove each part from your door.
  • Get the diameter of the hole, then buy a peephole of equal diameter.
  • The ideal peephole has a 180 degree view.
  • To install the new one, keep in mind it screws together like the old one.
  • Before installation, use Loctite to treat the threads to help prevent loosening and tampering.

Hotel Room Peepholes

  • Inspect the peephole from both sides before unpacking. Is it loose or gouged? Installed backwards? Is the view clear? If there are any problems, request another room.
  • Don’t assume that hotel staff checks every peephole after every guest checks out. It’s up to the guest to make sure the peephole is efficient.

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