Tips on Getting a Dog for Home Protection

As a security analyst, I have always endorsed getting a dog for home protection. I’m going to provide some tips on what to look for in a home security dog, but first I want to briefly share a riveting true story that was reported on

2H“Slim” is a police dog. Police in Madison, WI, responded to a church’s burglar alarm and saw a man, Gordon Sullivan, sweating and short of breath. Sullivan denied any involvement with the church break-in. Slim couldn’t do anything at the crime scene where a window was pushed in without something to work with. Sullivan handed over his shoe to the police to take to Slim who was at the church crime scene. Slim then led his handler down the street to where Sullivan was sitting inside a squad car. Good dog! Sullivan was arrested on the spot.

Tips on Getting a Dog for Home Protection

The first tip is knowing what a home security dog is, and is not. It’s a myth that such a canine is always snarling, baring its teeth and ready to pounce and bite. A true protection dog is a very alert animal, loyal at responding to the call of duty.

A true protection dog is trained for this task, even though some breeds are more easily trained in this realm than are others. Breeds like Dobermans and German shepherds have “prey drive.”

Additional tips for getting a home protection dog:

  • Make sure that the animal is safe for family members to be around.
  • Your new pet should also be safe for strangers.
  • The dog should have a sense of when there is a threat looming.
  • You do not want an animal that bites or aggresses for no reason; this isn’t security  —  it’s a potential lawsuit.
  • Do your homework on this entire issue, with the help of these tips. Be a great master and your dog will protect you and your house.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston. Disclosures.