Is private NSA proof E-mail possible?

You can buy encryption tools to prevent people from reading the contents of your e-mails should they intercept them. But what about those who have NSA-caliber resources and skills?

7WThe problem is that encryption services usually leave wide open the e-mail’s metadata: e.g., sender, recipient, subject line and timestamp.

But a new service, ShazzleMail, delivers e-mail straight from sender to recipient without any metadata.

ShazzleMail software is downloaded, then encrypts e-mails, but your device must be switched on so that the recipient could download the e-mail.

If the recipient doesn’t have ShazzleMail, they’ll get a message headline, “Secure Message from Jack Jones,” plus a message text: “Jack Jones has sent you a secure, encrypted e-mail via ShazzleMail. Click to View.” ShazzleMail is free, though there’s an enterprise version for a monthly fee of $5.

Can a hacker defeat ShazzleMail? Well, without any metadata, how can a hacker track the message’s path? There’s no middleman; the messages go straight from sender to recipient. ShazzleMail says, however, that it’s not fool-proof against the NSA if the NSA wants to really go at it. Nevertheless, ShazzleMail puts a lot more barbed wire on that fence.

And then there’s Enlocked, which offers “military-grade e-mail security” for professionals by encrypting e-mails before they’re sent. However, the metadata is visible. This is a big problem if the mere communication between two parties is significant, or the timeline or whom the parties are is very telling.

Another option is Raellic Systems, which has software that lets users select from three levels of privacy.

Hushmail is another contender. They state: Hushmail can protect you against eavesdropping, government surveillance, unauthorized content analysis, identity theft and email forgery. When you are using Hushmail, the connection between your computer and the Hushmail server is protected by encryption. That means that if someone is eavesdropping on your Internet connection, they will not be able to read the traffic that you send to the Hushmail website. This is especially important if you are using your computer on a public or office network, or if you are using a wireless connection that is not encrypted.

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