15 tips to Securing your Home for the Holidays

You know who really loves that ever-so-annoying “fall back” time change November 1? Burglars. Because it gives them an earlier start on their criminal activities because they love to work in the dark. And burglars get busier as daylight becomes shorter and the holiday season nears.

1SMany people will take precautions to prevent fires started by Christmas lights, yet will ignore security measures that can prevent a home robbery. Very strange. Though fire prevention is important, your home is, statistically, far more likely to be burglarized during the holidays than go up in smoke. So here are ways to keep the thieves away.

  1. Keep all windows locked, even on the second floor. Yes, some burglars learn climbing skills.
  2. Put security films on your windows that prevent penetration from a crow bar or baseball bat.
  3. Keep all doors locked, even in broad daylight when you’re home.
  4. Use top-flight locks and door reinforcements.
  5. Keep curtains or shades/blinds closed so that nobody can peek in and see your valuables or your hardly-imposing 120 pound frame.
  6. Always collect your mail, newspaper delivery, as soon as they arrive.
  7. Give your house that lived in look even when your home. Piper’s home automation technology, controlled viayour iOS or Android mobile device,can be set to turn your lights on and off at specific times.
  8. Put a large dog bowl on the front deck or by the front door. But don’t make it look staged by labeling it “Bear,” “Bruno” or “King.” Make it more realistic by adding a large chew toy and putting the bowl on top of a small mat. Maybe put a big leash nearby.
  9. Place a pair of men’s size 12 work boots near the door (scuff them up to make them look worn) or get them from an Army Navy surplus store.
  10. If your car is always parked outside because you don’t have a garage, place a pair of mans gloves on the front dash. Casing thieves will think twice if they think a man’s inside.
  11. Make sure no shrubbery crowds around entry points.
  12. If you have a garage, always pack and unpack gifts and stuff so nobody sees what’s going on.
  13. Don’t blab on social media about stuff you buy or that you are heading to the mall. Many crooks scan social media to see who’s doing what and when.
  14. Invest in a home security system like Piper, which requires minimal setup, no contracts and provides a clear view (via your mobile device) of what’s going on in your home when you’re not there. With its built-in motion sensor and siren, you can arm Piper to deter and alert you to intruders.
  15. Put Piper devices near your front door and back door and monitor them on your smartphone or tablet.

Robert Siciliano, personal and home security specialist for Piper, the All-In-One Home Security, Video Monitoring and Automation Device, discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston. Disclosures.