11 ways to Let Santa in and keep Bad Guys out

You’ve heard of “dumb criminals,” right? Well…unfortunately, there’s at least as many dimwitted homeowners as there are criminals. Be a smart homeowner and use smart technology along with smart security tips and smarten up!2B

  1. The holiday season has arrived. Are you going to display a huge Christmas tree in your biggest window, shades up, so that thieves casing the neighborhood can see all the presents piled under it? “Those people have valuables,” they’ll think.
  2. Get a home security, video monitoring and automation system like Piper that allows you to get alerts on your iOS and Android mobile devices when activities occur and gives you full access to your home via a 180-degree, panoramic camera.The Piper + Z-Wave Pack comes with window and door sensors along with a smart warning sticker.
  3. Get more signage.“Beware of Dog”, “This home is Alarmed” “Video Surveillance in use” etc. Find out where you can get the signs; eBay, hardware stores etc.Thieves don’t like to take chances that you’re bluffing.
  4. Don’t underestimate thieves who case neighborhoods. Though some criminals are truly dumb, many are smart enough to cleverly case houses before breaking in, such as wandering around dressed like the water meter man, carrying a clipboard, posing as an inspector when instead he’s looking to see whose homes he could easily get into. They knock on doors, and if no-one answers, they jiggle the door knobs. They’ve even been known to put reflective stickers on the homes front door so they remember which house is unlocked.
  5. And back to that Piper home security, video monitoring and automation system. Set it to send you notifications or call you when events occur in your home, like when doors are opened or rooms are entered. You can even set Piper to capture a video clip of the event when it happens, so you always know what’s going on when you’re not home.
  6. Keep your doors locked at all times until you must go through them. There’s always enough time to lock a door after you use it. My doors are locked all day. It’s not about being “paranoid,” it’s about being in control of your families security.
  7. Ask yourself if there’s any logical reason why your shades must be up when it’s dark outside—when anyone could look in and see what you have or how vulnerable you may be—then make a habit of shutting the view before it gets dark. Ideally, keep curtains and blinds/shades down during the day, too, at least in rooms where you don’t have to have the light coming in from outside.
  8. Just went Christmas or Chanukah shopping? Close the garage before you unload all the expensive goodies from your car so nobody can see.
  9. Never post in social media your vacation plans or information about recent purchases of things that thieves love. Does someone you barely know who lives 400 miles away need to see your new diamond earrings?
  10. Make sure your social media pages don’t contain personal information like your e-mail address or phone numbers.
  11. Be careful about the inane things you post, such as “I’m sitting here at the car dealership all day while my car is being fixed.” You never know who might read this and decide to rob your home.

Robert Siciliano, personal and home security specialist for Piper, the All-In-One Home Security, Video Monitoring and Automation Device, discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston. Disclosures.