Protect your Packages from Theft

Yes, many thieves don’t have anything better to do than to follow delivery trucks around town to see what kind of bountiful packages they’ll be leaving at the doorsteps of homes. This means even more crooks simply drive around residential areas looking for boxes sitting outside of doors. These crooks will walk off with the packages.

5HHow can you help prevent this from happening?

  • When making the purchase, set up the delivery so that your signature is required for receipt.
  • Make sure you have the transaction’s tracking number.
  • If you can’t arrange to be home to receive, then arrange for the package to be dropped off at a local shipping center.
  • Sometimes these shipping centers are located far from home, so another option is to install an easily-seen surveillance camera over the door. A fake one will look just as real. The only drawback to a fake one is if the thief is either exceptionally brazen, or doesn’t see the camera.
  • Next, arrange to have the package placed in as much of a concealed area as possible. For example, set up a planter by your door that has artificial (or real) foliage cascading over it. Small boxes can be placed under the foliage, hidden from thieves.
  • Arrange for UPS, if that’s the delivery company, to alert you with a text or e-mail when the delivery is imminent.
  • Another option, if you live in an apartment or condo is to have the delivery made to the front office.

Additional Safeguards

  • If you want a package picked up from your place, don’t leave it outside. Surely there’s a way around this, such as bringing it to a shipping center, mailing it or arranging to be home to give it in person to the recipient.
  • If you opt for snail mail, insure it and notify the recipient when to expect it.
  • If mailing checks, deposit them at the post office or postal collection box, rather than leave them in your mail box for the postal carrier to pick up (or hand them directly to him).
  • If traveling, put your mail delivery on a vacation hold.
  • Retrieve your mail daily.

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