5 Home Security Myths

If you’ve decided to avoid getting a home security system, I’m banking that the reason is at least one of the myths described below. Check them out:

1S“I have nothing valuable inside.” First of all, unless a burglar has X-ray vision, he’s going to have to break in to find out you have nothing valuable. He might be so pissed at this that he trashes the place before fleeing.

Secondly, a burglar knows that your “blue collar neighborhood” probably isn’t replete with alarm systems, but rather, lots of doors with simple locks and lots of windows with broken locks or already-torn screens.

Finally, what may not seem of value to you may be the burglar’s ticket to his next drug fix—anything he could quickly take off with and sell on the street or even eBay. They also like simple stupid stuff such as clock radios, DVDs, ornaments, even unopened bottles of vitamins.

“It’s too expensive.” Of course, the high-end, super sophisticated alarms that movie stars have for their mansions cost an arm and a leg, but home security companies know that they can make a tremendous profit off of selling less fancy systems for the average working class Joe and Jane. Why sell only to the rich? Some systems come as low as $9.95/month for monitoring. If you can’t spare $10 a month, see what vice you can give up that costs you at least $10/month.

“My neighborhood is safe.” If you think your neighborhood is safe, chances are it’s upscale. But that’s exactly where many burglars like to steal! They’re skillful at figuring out who doesn’t have the alarm system, while some know how to get past the alarm system. They want high-end valuables and won’t find them in “bad” neighborhoods too easily.

“Hide a spare key outside the door under a flower pot or welcome mat.” Even the world’s dumbest criminals know to check the rock that just happens to be by the front door for a key underneath. Either have a trusted person hold onto a spare key, or use keyless technology.

“Don’t let anyone know you’re traveling.” Actually, this means don’t blab about your trip indiscriminately, but do secretly tell a trusted adult so they can keep tabs on your house.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to BestHomeSecurityCompanys.com discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston. Disclosures.