How to Rock the Room as a Professional Speaker

For those of you who want to knock your presentations out of the park and be the speaker everyone raves about, Victoria LaBalme is leading an unbelievably unique workshop titled Rock the Room LIVE.

If you create and deliver keynotes, trainings, breakouts, podcasts, videos, webinars or teleseminars, this event will completely catapult you from being “good” to being “amazing.”

In the winter of 2015, I was given the opportunity to present a 5 minute, timed “TED” type presentation at the NSA’s 2015 national conference in Washington DC. I accepted the challenge determined to present a packed presentation. Up to that point, I’d never presented a memorized program, so I practiced over 100 times, and as I got closer to getting onto the main stage, I started to stress out that I wouldn’t be able to remember the presentation word for word.

On the main stage, there was an actual nerve racking digital clock counting down, second by second. That same day, I received my CSP, which is the National Speakers Associations earned designation for Certified Speaking Professional. When I got up on stage, I was a bundle of nerves and was spooked that I wasn’t going to remember my presentation word for word. I stammered through the first minute, and then froze.

Speaking in front of your colleagues apparently is a lot harder than it looks, and even as a CSP, I didn’t deliver. Most people would have left the conference, and I thought about it, too, but I kept my head high and stuck around.

It was then that Victoria Labalme approached me. She gave me a few pointers, told me I’d be fine, and she offered to help any time. Seeing an opportunity for redemption, I approached the conferences leadership and petitioned for a “do-over” before the end of the event. After some heart to heart negotiations, I got a second chance and Victoria cleared her schedule and provided 3 days of intense consulting. The rest is a Cinderella story. Frankly, I was a dead man walking, but Victoria Labalme saved me.

Here it is: See the before and after.

For those who don’t know her, Victoria Labalme (CPAE), is a rock star speaker and coach…and she changed my career. Her clients include NSA’s top brass, TED speakers, Oscar winning directors, experts creating PBS specials, and the C-suite executives at Starbucks, Microsoft, PayPal, New York Life Insurance, etc.

Victoria is the real deal.

Captivate your audience. Create killer content. Tell stories like a pro using Hollywood secrets. Cut your prep time in half. Use humor in unforgettable ways. And take your audience on a journey they will never forget.

You’ll get texts from people saying, “You nailed it!” People will whisper to you that you were the “best” speaker. And you’ll earn more bookings, greater invitations and coveted speaking opportunities.

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This isn’t like any other event you’ve experienced. In fact, she’s rented out the Los Angeles Theater Center. And she’s got some special surprises planned. So if you can make it, GO!!! You get the online course, too and some whopper bonuses. And she has a special running through Dec 31 (and you will save a ton of $$) and you’ll get a FREE upgrade to VIP status (which includes lunches and reception…)

I know Victoria doesn’t do anything half way. This event is going to be very special and the people attending are world class.

Here’s the link for all the info you’ll need…and to secure your spot: