The TSA confiscated 2,653 Guns in 2015

How dumb can air travelers be, trying to get guns past the TSA? Duhh, don’t they know that the X-ray equipment or pat-downs will detect them? Just last year, over 2,600 guns were detected. More than 80 percent of these guns were loaded. Talk about the world’s dumbest criminals.

7HIt gets better: People have also tried to sneak past the TSA other potentially lethal weapons. In 2015, the TSA confiscated the following potentially deadly instruments:

  • Metal sickle shaped weapon. This could easily dig out someone’s insides.
  • Gun powder; yes, non-metallic weapons can be detected.
  • Lots and lots of knives
  • Ninja climbing claws (yes, don’t know how else to describe these, but what you’re right now picturing is probably pretty accurate)
  • Ninja stars (scads of these, in all shapes and sizes)
  • Cane swords (a sword hidden in a cane that looks like Grandpa’s)
  • Meat slicer, where is someone traveling that they need to bring a meat slicer, and if they really need to do this, why try to bring it on the plane rather than get it checked through with baggage? Although I doubt they had evil intentions with that device.
  • Grenades, real and fake
  • Pepper spray (lots of it)
  • Samurai swords
  • And no kidding: a Klingon sword—you know, that crescent shaped thing. They actually make these things—called bat’leths—Trekkies don’t get special passes on airplanes.
  • Battarangs (can you figure out what these are, based on the name? Hint: “Holy Ravioli, Batman!”)
  • Drugs (hidden in items that you’d think TSA would never suspect to look in, such as peanut butter, candy wrappers and batteries.

Certainly, some of these travelers meant no harm. In fact, maybe the vast majority of them meant no harm with their weapons, and were just innocently (and idiotically) bringing them along, figuring, “As long as it’s not a gun or sword, my Ninja star or can of mace will be okay.”

However, don’t people know by now that anything sharp and metallic, or containing a chemical poison, will be confiscated? See more allowed/prohibited items HERE.

And what were the people with the grenades, handguns and swords thinking? Certainly not “TSA’s gonna get me!” You humans just amaze me.

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