Secret Self-Defense Weapons You Might Not Know About

Do you have a secret self-defense weapon on hand that you don’t even know about?

Here’s a few:

Canes. Might seem obvious…but…

Your first instinct would probably be to swing the cane like a baseball bat. However, this isn’t the best way. An attacker can easily grab it, dodge it, or deflect it. Instead, take a class to learn how to correctly yield your cane.

  • If you use a cane, consider taking a “cane-fu” class.
  • The best cane to use is one with a strong handle.
  • Don’t think that you can’t fight with your cane because you need it to walk.
  • Avoid any cane that has a hidden sword or knife unless you have training with a blade.


Trying to hit someone with a magazine that is not rolled up is worthless. Even if you swat with a rolled magazine, you might not get too far. Why? Because aimless swats are NOT the way to use a magazine as your weapon.

  • The best way to use a magazine as a weapon is to use it like you would use a hammer. Think of it this way: your arm is the handle of the hammer, and the rolled-up magazine is the head. Basically, the end of the magazine roll gets struck into the attacker, and it should be perpendicular to whatever it is striking. This gives it a big impact into a small area. Try to aim at the nose, neck, groin, or temple. This stops an assailant long enough for you to escape.
  • Consider carrying around a pre-rolled magazine that is closed with large rubber bands. That way, it’s easy to grab if needed.
  • Magazines are plentiful on airplanes. Just saying.


Some flashlights are designed specifically for self defense with a point bottom end. Others have a grip handle and are weighted specifically as a blunt instrument.

  • You can use a flashlight in the same way that you use up a rolled-up magazine.
  • Since a flashlight is more solid than a magazine, however, it is more effective.
  • The light pointed in someones face can be a temporary blinding deterrent.


Self defense pens are also known as tactical pens and are designed specifically to debilitate another human. The beauty of a pen is its non-threatening when carried in your hand and doesn’t look like a weapon.

  • You probably think the best place to sick a pen is the eye. It’s great, but there are other places, too.
  • You can also stab a pen into the nose, temple, or neck. Any of these places willdisable your attacker.
  • If you jam the pen into the collarbone, it can also stop someone in their tracks.
  • You can also aim for the cheek, groin, ear, or top of the hand.
  • Just keep jabbing until you can get away from the attacker.


A leather or nylon belt has more self defense uses than you’d think. You can also purchase a belt with a built in knife. But you really need to know what you are doing to fight with a knife.

  • A belt with a heavy buckle is best
  • The key to using a belt as a weapon is to easily pull it out of your pant belt loops.
  • Once it’s free, you can whip the belt at your assailant. Make sure to use the end with the buckle to strike. Don’t attempt to strangle the attacker with your belt; that only works in a movie.

Robert Siciliano personal security and identity theft expert and speaker is the author of Identity Theft Privacy: Security Protection and Fraud Prevention: Your Guide to Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft and Computer Fraud. See him knock’em dead in this Security Awareness Training video.

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