Boston’s Crime Fighting Vigilante

No it’s not me, at least not to the level of “Boston Dawna”. Although I am that guy who lives in that house that all those within a 5 mile radius do not like because of his boisterous territorial behavior. I do however have the State Police, City Police and even the Environmental Police on speed-dial (no kidding). I’ve probably called the authorities at least 200 times in the past 7 years.

All of this has occurred within eyeshot of my residence. I don’t live in a crime infested neighborhood, but I do live in an area where people “get away” near the ocean and they feel they can do whatever they want because of its proximity to the ocean. People have a false belief that the ocean is the Wild West and there is no law. The law in my neighborhood is echoed by the PA system I have bolted to the side of my house.

To my credit I’ve had at least 20 people arrested and at least another 50 fined for offences including vandalism, assault, drug possession, public drinking, loitering, public lewdness, and illegal poaching of shellfish. Some have been wanted by the Department of Homeland Security and others have been wanted El Salvadorian gang members and have been deported.

So far my front teeth haven’t been knocked out by criminals like “Boston Dawna” has, who is a hair dresser by day and crime fighter by night. The Boston Globe reports “All I did was neighborhood watch,’’ she says, “to an extreme level.’’ “You know how people have gaydar?’’ she says. “I have burglardar.’’

She spent the past 39 years fighting crime in Venice Beach. “The LA media refer to her simply as “the Batman of Venice Beach.’’

“Some people drink and do drugs. I chase criminals,’’ she said as she walked around Boston recently, chain-smoking and getting reacquainted with the city (she was born in Hull, Mass and grew up in Brookline, Mass). “There’s no greater high than catching a crook.’’

I identify with this woman in so many ways it frightens me. With the exception of the chain smoking, she is me and I am her. Although I don’t walk around in a nightgown crime fighting like she does. I never really leave my house and I just pick up the phone and have law enforcement do it. So actually she is much tougher than I am. What we share mostly is a philosophy. Her philosophy is if she sees something she says something.

I repeat: “if YOU see something, says something!” But say it to the police. Intervening with criminals can be dangerous. But picking up the phone is definitely a safer option. It isn’t OK that people just do whatever they want. Make a call. Your neighborhood will be better for it. Thanks for what you do Dawna.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing home security and identity theft on TBS Movie and a Makeover.