Setting Up A Sentry Big Bolt Safe

FedEx showed up to my house with a good-sized box, and the driver came to my door to request my signature and a little help. The box felt like it weighed 90 pounds, maybe slightly more. It wasn’t too heavy for two adults. A little awkward, but handling it was easy enough.

A safe should be installed in an inconspicuous location. I put mine in a closet, so it’s not in plain view, on the second floor, in case there is a flood. Of course, the Big Bolt is water-resistant, but it’s best to be as safe as possible.

After cutting open the top of the box, the smartest way to remove the safe is to hold open the flaps and flip the box upside down, then pull the box and packing material off of the safe. The manual is affixed to the safe, with the safe’s combination clearly posted. Scan the combination on the manual’s cover and upload the image to your computer.

Once having successfully used the combination to open the safe, fill out the product registration and send it in.

Must you install the safe, or can you just leave it sitting on the floor? Install it. A burglar will certainly be able to pick it up if you do not. If it’s bolted to the floor, the thief will have a hard time removing it without a heavy-duty breaker bar.

To install the Big Bolt safe you need a drill, a 7/16th drill bit, a ¼ inch bit, 2-6 inch x 7/16th bolts and washers, and either a socket wrench, adjustable wrench, or box wrench. Following the instructions, drill holes through two of the safe’s feet to bolt it to the floor. Then, mark the floor with a pencil. Move the safe out of the way and then drill your pilot holes using a ¼ inch bit. Move the safe back and screw in your bolts.


Now your stuff is more secure from fires and burglars.

Robert Siciliano is a Personal and Home Security Expert for SentrySafe. See him Discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston. Disclosures.