What we can learn from Celebrity Stalkers

Rihanna was basically discovered on YouTube. Had she stayed there, her psycho stalker would have never had any interest in her. People are just plain insane. But she’s famous, so Kevin McGlynn decided to send her threatening letters and lurk outside her home, says an article at He was committed to a mental facility. McGlynn, 54, has orders not to contact Rihanna in any way.

1SDJudge Orlando Marrazzo says that this guy believes that Rihanna and other stars have used his material for their songs. The judge says that McGlynn may be capable of killing Rihanna and anyone else in the way.

Not surprisingly, this guys lawyers won’t respond to comment requests. Maybe if McGlynn heard Rihanna’s cover of “Hero” when she was 15 years old, he’d instantly lose interest in her (no autotune!). But then maybe he’ll simply latch his obsession onto another celebrity.

Just how well is Rihanna’s mansion protected? With all the money she has, she can easily afford the world’s best security system: all the layers, inside and out. This would include shatter proof glass for every window and a team of 24-hour security guards. She can have barriers to her grounds created to prevent stalkers from lurking on the premises.

Of course, many “ordinary” people are victims of stalking, such as by ex-boyfriends. Even women commit stalking. The stalker could be a coworker, former spouse, secret admirer, anyone. How do you get rid of a stalker? Well, one thing’s for sure: If the stalker has nothing to fear from his victim, he’ll keep stalking.

First off, find out if you’re being stalked. Be acutely aware of your environment. Know who’s around you when shopping. Take note of cars behind you when driving. Pursue martial arts. Trade the crunch machine at the gym for the heavy bag (ever see avid heavy bag users who didn’t have great abs?).

Though a left hook or inside crescent kick won’t stop a bullet fired from 10 feet away, you can easily take out an unarmed stalker if you’re trained and he or she is not. Even if the stalker rushes you with a 2 x 4, you have an excellent chance of being victorious if you have enough self-defense training.

If you’re being stalked or suspect it, don’t waste another second with getting a complete home security system.

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Hollywood Burglars Dubbed the “Bling Ring”

Lots and lots of people are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Some get on reality TV shows, others rescue someone from being hit by a speeding train. But then there are the ones who break into celebrity homes.

Victims include Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox and others. A half dozen teens from a hoity toity suburb of LA fancied the celeb lifestyle and considered themselves part of the “in” crowed. There was only one problem, they weren’t celebrities.

But they lived the celeb lifestyle by hanging out in all the clubs, staying up all night and doing drugs. Their thirst for drugs led to the need for more money to pay for those drugs. So they started to steal. They first started to break into cars. That was their “gateway” felony which led to breaking into homes.

However, celebrity also meant all the material items that go with money. They needed the same designer bags and clothing as their idols. They wanted exactly what the rich and famous owned and wore, what better way to get them than steal from the celebs they admired. So they did just that. They spent time on the celebrity gossip sites looking at celeb pictures and picking out items they wore to steal from them.

Their methods were simple. They tracked their victims by using social media, Facebook and Twitter. They know when they were home and when they were away.  They even used Google Earth to scope out their homes.

They would approach a home and knock on the door and ring the bell. If nobody was home they’d jiggle the door knob. It was reported that Paris Hilton didn’t lock her doors. When a door was locked they looked under the mat for a key and often found one.

Police estimated that from October 2008 to August 2009, the “Bling Ring” stole more than $3 million in jewelry and high-end designer brands.

Lindsey Lohan had a video security camera system installed that caught the thieves on video. It was that film that led the arrest of the Bling Ring members. Now they are all famous.

It’s painfully obvious that the victims in these crimes didn’t do enough to protect themselves. Some locked their doors and other didn’t. Some had security cameras and others didn’t. But NONE had an home alarm system that activated when the home was broken into. A home alarm system would have prevented most of these crimes.

I’ll bet there were other celebrities targeted who didn’t make the story, because their home wasn’t burgled, because they had alarms.

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