Is Methamphetamine a Problem in Your Community?

You may already know that meth addicts and local crime go hand in hand. Meth is one of those drugs that allows its users to maintain relatively high-functioning abilities that often lead to criminal acts to get more meth.

1BMeth addicts like to steal identities and break into homes and businesses. It’s not uncommon for meth addicts to break into mailboxes and see if they can get personally identifiable information to open new accounts, take over existing accounts or cash checks they find in the mail. If they are successful in a particular neighborhood when breaking into mailboxes, they soon realize no one’s paying attention in that neighborhood and begin to break into houses. Meth addicts have little to no fear, as their addiction overpowers all sense of reason and blurs out any emotion, including empathy or sympathy. They can be prone to violence, especially if they are strung out and in need of a fix.

Minnesota’s Post-Bulletin reports, “An investigation into several area burglaries led investigators to a home where a search warrant revealed multiple firearms and a suspected meth lab. During the search, investigators recovered stolen property related to the area burglaries, as well as small amounts of suspected methamphetamine and several firearms, the report says. Components of a meth lab also were discovered on the property. Officers arrested a 52-year-old man for possession of a controlled substance; he also may face charges related to manufacturing meth.”

As crazy as it sounds, the first line of defense to protect one’s home, especially from meth addicts, is to install a locking mailbox. This way, they see from the street you are secure minded. From there, blanket your front yard with signage saying, “This house is alarmed” and “Guard dog on duty.”

Any layer of security you can provide to the already feeble senses of a meth addict will deter him or her in a way in which the would-be crook may target a neighbor (unfortunately) and not you.

As always invest in home security systems and use timers to give your home that lived-in look.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston. Disclosures.