Computer Failure – Top Warning Signs Your PC is dying

Computers are like humans in that in some ways they can tell you when they are sick or they don’t feel good. But computers are also like pets who may not be able to speak, but if you are paying attention, they begin to behave in ways that alert you to problems. There are numerous built in warning signs that alert you to their failings. As business PC’s age they start to express themselves in ways telling you they are approaching their end of life and it’s time to check your back-up strategies.

The following computer failures indicate your computer may be close to death:

A blue screen is often a sign of a driver conflict or hardware issue. When your formerly fully functional PC displays a blue screen informing you that a serious error has occurred, it could mean total failure, or require a simple reboot.

Lengthy start up or shut down times may mean that your computer is overwhelmed by too much software, or particular programs are not shutting down properly. Or it could mean that motherboards or hard drives are not long for this world.

If you hear strange noises, like beeping, whirling, or grinding, during startup or when computing, this may be a sign of hardware failure.

Error messages as pop ups or in the device manager pointing out hardware of software failure or conflicts.

Computer data logging is the process of recording events, with an automated computer program, in a certain scope in order to provide an audit trail that can be used to understand the activity of the system and to diagnose problems.

Logs are essential to understand the activities of complex systems particularly in the case of applications with little user interaction (such as server applications).

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