Prowler Alert issued

Two men, impersonating San Jose police officers, waltzed through the unlocked door of a woman’s home and told her they were there to check on her welfare. This happened in the early evening, and the men were described as being Hispanic and 5-7 and 155 pounds. They presented the woman with identification but she smelled a fish.

2BWhile the men were there, she called the Petaluma police dispatch center. One of the men was brazen enough to tell the dispatcher he was checking on the 66-year-old woman’s well-being, then hung up. The men then left the property.

The San Jose police said they had no officers in the Petaluma area, and are urging residents to keep their doors locked—no excuses—at all times. They should also request a photo ID of anyone claiming to be a police officer who’s in plain clothes.

Simple Home Security Guidelines

  • If a stranger is at your door, never speak to that person through an open door or screen door. Talk to them through a locked door.
  • Never allow children to answer the door.
  • Not all home invaders ring the doorbell or knock. Some barge in unexpectedly, so always have the alarm system on, even if it means having to always remember to turn it off when you step out.
  • And of course, get the home alarm system.
  • Have a 24-hour video surveillance system installed. The site of a camera usually scares off a would-be intruder. Cameras should point to all your doors and other access points.
  • Consider getting a German shepherd or other large breed that has a natural guarding instinct and innate territoriality. You may fret at the thought of having to take a dog for walks every day, cleaning up after it, feeding it, etc., but that will be more exercise for you (who doesn’t need more exercise?), a great companion that offers unconditional love, and a superb deterrent to a home invasion or burglary attempt.

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