High-end, High-tech Home Security

There’s really no limit to how much money can be spent on home security if you want to ensure the very best home security for your family and money isn’t a huge concern. Note that while some of these options are affordable, others are very expensive.

  • Keyless door locks: As you might expect, keyless door locks don’t need any keys to open. Some require a pin code to open, and others may work with wireless Bluetooth or can be controlled via the internet.
  • Remote-controlled home alarms: Remote-controlled alarms are almost a standard offering today. Remotely controlling an alarm system can be done online from any internet-connected device or via a keyfob within 200 feet of your home.
  • Robotic camera: Very expensive, but I WANT ONE! GroundBot™ is a robotic mobile platform that hosts cameras and sensors. GroundBot can be remote controlled by hand or programmed to navigate by GPS.
  • Remote monitoring: This involves real-time human remote monitoring of your property via sound and video 24 hours a day, all year long. (Gas stations employ systems like this.) If a robber comes in, the dispatcher would warn the robber over the speaker system that he is being filmed and law enforcement has been dispatched.
  • Bulletproof everything: If flying bullets are a concern, you can install bulletproof doors, bulletproof glass and steel plating in your walls.
  • Safe rooms: A safe room (or “panic room”) can protect you from natural disasters like a hurricane or tornado or man-made ones like bombs, and is effective against home invaders too. High-tech ones are equipped with such features as satellite phones, internet, food, water and even oxygen.
  • Sixteen- or 32-camera CCTV: An eight-camera system today can be had for under $500. Sixteen- or 32-camera digital video recorders are still a little expensive, but with a system of up to 32 cameras, there won’t be a spot outside or inside your property that won’t have an extra pair of eyes on it.

Home security is a must for everyone. Whether you drop big money or small change, the peace of mind you will receive is priceless.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston. Disclosures.