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06.30.10 WVOL TJ Graham Show Audio HERE

06.22.10 KXYL Morning Big Show with Mike Cope and Jesse Jones Audio HERE

06.22.10 KERN 1180 AM www.Moneywiseguys.com Brian Wiley, Garro L Ellis Audio HERE

06.11.10 Panama Fox News 1270am Audio HERE

06.11.10 Rick Hamada KHVH 830AM Audio HERE

06.10.10 Adeline’s Chronicles AM 1060 WBIXBoston Radio Audio HERE

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The following spots are examples of getting the word out to empower people to secure their personal security.

05.30.10 Staci Bockmann MyGreatKid Radio Show Audio HERE

05.28.10 Guy T Wehman The Nightbeat Nation Audio HERE (TBA)

05.28.10 Mike Kakuk am800cklw The Morning Drive Audio HERE

05.26.10  Dave & Bill, the hosts of CHWRadio In the CyberHood Audio HERE

05.17.10 Rob McConnell, “The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show Audio HERE

05.14.10 WBNW Money Matters Radio Network Audio HERE

04.23.10 Brian Novak with NewsTalk 1480WHBC Audio HERE

04.02.10 BusinessMatters Thomas White Social Media Security Audio HERE

03.27.10 SupertalkWFHG.com Barbara McFaddin, Identity Theft Audio HERE

03.25.10 YOUR MONEY SHOW Identity Theft, Audio HERE

03.23.10 KWAVE Michael David Public Affairs, Identity Theft Audio HERE

03.22.10 KORN Let’sTalk Host: Jena O’Conor Audio HERE

03.22.10 Michael Ray Dresser Cell Spying Audio HERE

03.22.10 WBNW Money Matters Midday Edition with Chuck Nilosek, Identity Theft Audio HERE

03.21.10 Marcus Edwardes Identity Theft Audio HERE

3.16.10 Michael Ray Dresser Cell Spying Audio HERE

3.14.10 America Tonight Kate Delaney Audio HERE

03.11.10 KBUR Steve Hexom Morning Show Census Scams Audio HERE

03.10.10 WZGC Jimmy Baron Identity Theft & Cell Spying HERE

03.08.10 WRXK Stan and Haney Identity Theft Audio HERE

03.08.10 WZTA Clear Channel Rhett Palmer Identity Theft and Personal Security Audio HERE

03.08.10 Michael Ray Dresser Cell Spying Audio HERE

03.04.10 WNJC Brian Greenberg, Identity Theft Audio HERE

03.04.10 KDRO Charlie Thomas, Identity Theft Audio HERE

03.02.10 WTOP Botnets Audio HERE

03.01.10 Michael Ray Dresser Online Reputation Management Audio HERE

02.26.10 The Rick Dees Top 40 Audio HERE

02.25.10 KNEWS The Mark Christopher Show Audio HERE

01.23.10 Michael Ray Dresser “P2P file sharing risks” Audio HERE

02.22.10 Peter Anthony Holder Audio HERE

02.22.10 KORN Jena O’Connor Audio HERE

02.18.10 FMTalk1011 Allan Handelman Audio HERE

02.15.10 Michael Ray Dresser, Dresser After Dark Audio HERE

02.15.10 America Tonight Kate Delaney Audio HERE

02.09.10 Michael Ray Dresser, Dresser After Dark Audio HERE

02.02.10 WHK The ADVOCATE Audio HERE

02.01.10 WYDE Lee Davis Show Audio HERE

02.01.10 Michael Ray Dresser, Dresser After Dark Audio HERE

01.30.10 Real Wealth Show Kathy Fettke Audio HERE

01.30.10 KWYR Marsha Raye Audio HERE

01.29.10 Fox News Radio KTRH Audio HERE

01.29.10 Fox News Radio WSBA Audio HERE

01.29.10 Fox News Radio KCOL Audio HERE

01.29.10 Fox News Radio KFBK Audio HERE

01.29.10 Fox News radio KURV Audio HERE

01.25.10 American Medical Association XM Radio Audio HERE

01.25.10 Michael Ray Dresser, Dresser After Dark Audio HERE

01.25.10 KSCO Rosemary Chalmers Morning Show Audio HERE

01.23.10 WNJC The Lee and Brian Show Audio HERE

01.22.10 WFLO AM/FM, Elliott Irving Audio HERE

01.22.10 KDKA Radio Mike Romigh Morning Talk Audio HERE

01.21.10 WLEN Jerry Hayes  Audio HERE

01.20.10 2GB Jason Morrison Australia Audio HERE

01.19.10 Michael Ray Dresser, Dresser After Dark Audio HERE

01.18.10 KAHI Popp Off Host: Mary Jane Popp Audio HERE

01.17.10 Mens Dugout Dr. Tara Grace Perry Audio HERE

01.15.10 Lori Wilk: Business Identity Risks in 2010 Audio HERE

01.11.10 Michael Ray Dresser, Dresser After Dark Audio HERE

01.04.10 WTXY Robby Kendall 1540 WTXY1540.com Audio HERE

01.04.10 WTKK Jim & Margery show on 96.9 Boston Talks Audio HERE

12.30.9 KDKA Radio Mike Romigh Night Talk Host Audio HERE

12.18.9 Simon Barrett BloggerNews Audio HERE

12.9.9 KBUR Steve Hexom Morning Show Audio HERE

12.7.9 WOON Midday Show Host: Don Burnelle Audio HERE

12.6.9 Golden Radio Network/ABC RADIO America Tonight Audio HERE

12.5.9 WRDU Dave and Carmen Clear Channel Audio HERE

12.4.9 Fox KURV McAllen, TX Audio HERE

12.4.9 Fox  WHJJ Providence, RI Audio HERE

12.4.9 Fox  KFTK St. Louis, MO Audio HERE

12.4.9 Fox WREC Memphis, TN Audio HERE

12.4.9 KIDO Boise, ID Audio HERE

12.4.9 Fox  WTAG Worcester, MA Audio HERE

12.4.9 KOA Denver, CO Audio HERE

12.4.9 KPAY Chico, CA Audio HERE

12.3.9 Lori Wilk: Identity Theft What You Need To Know Audio HERE

12.2.9 Montel Williams. Montel Accross America Audio HERE

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