Police, DA Investigators Conduct Fake ID Sting

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert

Do an online search for “fake ids” and you’ll be amazed to discover how easy it can be to obtain an ID allowing you to pose as someone else. Or how easy it can be for someone else to obtain an ID that will allow him or her to pose as you. Some websites peddle poor quality cards, others offer excellent quality, and many websites are simply scams.

The fact is, our existing identification systems are insufficiently secure, and our identifying documents are easily copied. Anyone with a computer, scanner and printer can recreate an ID. Outdated systems exasperate the problem by making it too easy to obtain a real ID at the DMV, with either legitimate or falsified information.

“In Houston, Authorities have arrested three people accused of producing fake documents apparently destined for use in identity theft and fraud in Houston.

Harris County District Attorney Patricia Lykos said Monday that the suspects ran four fraudulent document businesses, including two operated out of a flea market.

Houston police and officials from the identity theft section of the district attorney’s office conducted the two-week operation. Undercover officers posing as customers were able to obtain IDs using real and fictitious names.

They confiscated Social Security cards and ID cards from Texas and other states.”

OMG! “including two operated out of a flea market” a FLEA MARKET!! The extent of the security of our nations identities is OPERATED OUT OF A FLEA MARKET!!!!!!!!!

USA Today reports that in the four years since Congress enacted the Real ID Act, which was intended to make it more difficult to obtain a fraudulent driver’s license, the act has languished due to opposition from several states. Real ID supporters say it will not only deter terrorism but also reduce identity theft, curb illegal immigration and reduce underage drinking, all by making the nation’s identification-of-choice more secure. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is proposing the repeal of the Real ID Act.

However The May 10, 2011, deadline for full compliance remains in effect, and the department will continue to work closely with states to meet this deadline,” said Matt Chandler, deputy press secretary for the department. “However, Congress must act to address systemic problems with the REAL ID Act to advance our security interests over the long term.”

The fact is, identity theft is a big problem due to a systematic lack of effective identification and is going to continue to be a problem until further notice. In the meantime it is up to you to protect yourself. The best defense from new account fraud is identity theft protection.

1. Get a credit freeze. Go online now and search “credit freeze” or “security freeze” and go to consumersunion.org and follow the steps for the state you live in. This is an absolutely necessary tool to secure your credit. In most cases it prevents new accounts from being opened in your name.

2. Invest in Intelius identity theft protection and prevention. Not all forms of identity theft protection can be prevented, but identity theft protection services can dramatically reduce your risk. (Disclosures)

Robert Siciliano, identity theft speaker, discusses criminal hackers and identity theft on Fox News

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