Burglaries Up; Many While People Are Home

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert

In Wichita, Kansas they are facing a huge up tick in burglaries. Generally, crimes of this nature rise when there is a financial crisis, unemployment, gangs and drug activity. Police there have recorded 2,839 burglaries last year, a 10.2 percent increase over the same period the year before.

Of the 2,839 burglaries, 384 — or 13.5 percent — occurred while residents were home. Many of these burglaries occurred as people slept in their homes. Home security conscious people cant even imagine that is possible, but I know it is. Too many people don’t think it can happen to them and don’t lock their doors or even have a home alarm system.

The article states The burglars had to have known that someone was home — there were cars in garages and driveways, and purses visible in the homes. The criminals came in anyway — a brazen, potentially dangerous risk that burglars rarely take, experts say.

The local police passed out a flier alerting residents that burglars hit two homes between midnight and 5 a.m. last Friday while families slept. You might ask if these people live in “Pleasantville” and have no idea that these things happen. But the “it cant happen to me” syndrome is a real issue.

“They didn’t even know until they got up,” said their Police Chief. Can you imagine that?!!.

The report states that burglars simply entered through unlocked doors. In one of the burglaries, a couple with small children woke up after being alerted by their growling dog. Dogs are great. But a home alarm in place would have alerted them first.

Many alarms are installed after the home is broken into. Once a home is burgled, people lose their sense of security and try to gain it back with the installation of an alarm. A home alarm certainly provides security, but people who are victimized in this way often face years of emotional after shocks.

The key to security is thinking proactively and doing things to secure your self and family before something bad happens. Don’t think “it can’t happen to me”, think “yes, there is a chance this can happen and I’m going to set an example and do something about it.”

Robert Siciliano personal security expert to Home Security Source discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston. Disclosures

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