Home Safety: Operation Storm Targets Burglars

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert

I travel a LOT. I spend lots of time on planes and in new and different communities. Traveling is often a bear, but the rewards of consuming different cultures and ways of living is well worth it. I often try to learn from others “way” to determine how it might work in my life.

Here is an interesting story about how law enforcement in the UK is dealing with criminals. They have a very different take on the issue than we do. But there is definitely something to learn here.

Police in the UK have launched a new blitz on burglars to bring down crime, increase the number of burglars convicted and provide a high profile presence on the streets. They arrested more than 600 burglars, robbers and thieves in four days this week in its first major clampdown of the New Year.

As part of Operation Storm, police will continue to target known and suspected burglars through home visits, stop checks, high profile policing and use of the automated number plate recognition system (ANPR) to reassure residents and deter offenders. High impact enforcement activity on all divisions across the Force has seen officers making almost 100 raids on properties of suspected criminals.

Action such as this shows offenders that they will be made to payback for the misery they cause to innocent people. There is no hiding place for them and we will make sure that they are caught.”

Why don’t we adopt this strategy here in the USA?? That’s such a great home safety strategy that puts known criminals on alert that they are being watched.

I see that as very proactive police work.  Most people understand that law enforcement can’t protect you around the clock. While they certainly patrol and have many proactive duties, we are pretty much on our own when it comes to protecting ourselves and families.

Taking responsibility for your personal security and home safety begins with understanding that a law enforcement officer generally isn’t there when you need one. Its just not cost effective to have one cop per household.

To protect yourself:

Always lock doors and windows when you are home and away. When I travel to different parts for the country speaking on security issues and ask “How many of you lock your doors?” I’m always amazed at how many people do not lock their doors. My doors are locked all day while I’m home.

Do not display high end expensive items in windows easily viewed from the street. If you have a big plasma TV facing the street and your shades are open at night, you are inadvertently sending a signal to a burglar.

No matter what time of the year, holidays or not, cut and put boxes for high ticket items and put them in black opaque trash bags when disposing.

Install a home security system complete with monitored alarm and surveillance cameras. Have the cameras monitor motion connected to a DVR. Set the alarm while you are home during the day, sleeping and when you are gone.

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