Summer Heat: Online Dating Scams

Love online. 20 years ago it wasn’t even a thought. 10 years ago it was weird. 5 years ago it was new and exciting. Today it’s as normal as milk and bread. If you are looking for a mate online you will eventually hit pay dirt. Most of my friends who tried it, succeeded at it.

When anything technology gets to the “normal stage” that’s also when scammers are well dug in. Scammers are usually much more ahead of the curve. When it was weird, they paid attention and the ones that had the foresight scammed, but when it was hot, they were figuring out all the different ways to pull the wool over their victim’s eyes and getting good at it. They ramped up and were beginning to perfect their craft.

Today, it’s a full time job for them. They know all the new scams and get better at revisiting the old ones.

Recently I signed up for a particular social network so nobody else would take my name. I was immediately contacted by a woman who enjoyed my profile on the social network. Problem was I hadn’t really set up my profile. But she liked it nonetheless.

So I responded “Thanks!” Then, she started to write me every day, and would put lots,and,lots of commas,in her sentances. Her spelling socked and HER capiTal leTTers were all,over,the,place. Plus,The spacing,    of her,words was weird,and from experience,dealing with scsammers,overseas I could tell,she didn’t really,like,my,profile. She wasn’t really a she, But a he, probably named Zambabooboo.

After communicating with “her” for 2 days she was talking love and marriage. After 4 days she wanted desperately to see me. On the 7th day she asked me for money for a plane ticket so she could come see me. I declined.

Robert Siciliano is a Personal Security Expert and Adviser to See him discussing Safe Personal Dating on Tyra.

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