Should Background Checks Be Required for Dating Sites?

It’s no secret that there are kooky people both online and on the ground. The problem with the online part is kooky people seem to gravitate there. My theory is that those who have ulterior motives, an agenda of sorts, may believe they can lure in their victims easier online. I can see why they’d think that. It’s easier to lie online.

There’s no body language, no intonation in ones voice, and no emotional connection to the real person. Simply put, it’s harder for a person’s sixth sense to connect with an avatar.

When communicating online a person who might normally lack effective communication skills can speak in the written word easier than they can in public.  Someone who has bad intentions won’t be discovered as quickly because the other person can’t really “feel” them. Intuition often plays a role in making effective decisions.

Online dating sites argue that people should use their common sense. They further note that not all checks are completely accurate. But the fact is online dating sites are selling a lot more than an opportunity to connect. By default they give the people who sign on a level of legitimacy. There is an intended level of credibility granted to all who post their profile. These same sites market to the public to come to their website to find love.

All that being said it would be a good and prudent practice for any online dating site to further vet out and screen those who sign up. It won’t keep all the bad apples out, but it will significantly reduce the ones who are currently gaming the system.

Robert Siciliano is a Personal Security Expert and Adviser to For more information see Intelius at Date Check to reduce your chances of encountering a bad guy. See him discussing dating security on E! True Hollywood Stories. (Disclosures)

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