Daytime Burglaries on the Rise, Police Say

Many studies show burglaries actually happen more in the daytime than in the evening. Depending on whom you ask, the hours of 7-10 a.m. seem to be the most attractive times for burglars.

This is a time of the day when people are leaving for work. The bad guy may see you leave and take the opportunity to check if you locked your doors. First, he rings the bell and knocks on the door to see if you are home. If there is no answer, he jiggles the handle, if you didn’t lock your doors, he is in. If you locked the door, he may use a screwdriver or crowbar to force it open. If you don’t have a home security system, then, he is in with relatively little resistance.

In Downey California the local police sent out this message:

“In recent months the city of Downey has experienced a rise in the number of daytime residential burglaries reported to the police department. Many of these incidents have occurred in the same fashion and the police department is asking for your help in the prevention of such occurrences.

The following is a scenario often used by suspects looking to burglarize homes in your neighborhoods:

A suspect may simply walk to the front door of a residence and knock on the door. If someone answers, the suspect will make an excuse for being at the wrong house and walk away. If there is no answer, the suspect will either leave the location before returning a short time later, or make his way into the back or side yard to find a way into the house.

Once out of view of the street, he will look for open windows or doors to gain entry into the residence. If the house is locked, the burglar will oftentimes force entry by breaking a window or forcing a door open.

A car with additional suspects will oftentimes wait a short distance away for the suspect to return with stolen property. The suspect may also call them to respond to the house to assist in the actual burglary of the location.

Because the actions of the burglars are usually not visible from the street, it is difficult for police to discover the crime in progress. Because of this, it’s imperative that residents in the area pay close attention to suspicious subjects in their neighborhood. This is especially true if you see someone knock on a door of a residence, then go to the back of the house when they fail to get an answer.

If you see people in your neighborhood – whether they are walking or sitting in a vehicle – that you feel may be looking for an opportunity to commit a crime, please call the Downey Police Department”

Robert Siciliano personal security expert to Home Security Source discussing Home Security on NBC Boston. Disclosures.

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