Protect From Holiday Phishing Shipping Scams

A common holiday shipping phishing scam is a phony notice from UPS, saying you have a package and need to fill out an attached form to get it delivered. The form may ask for personal or financial details that will go straight into the hands of the cyberscammer. Often the email asks to download a label and the risk there may be downloading a virus.

Scammers are sending emails that look like they are coming from the United States Postal Office, Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, you name it. The email may state in the subject line there is a problem with delivery and reference a code.

In these emails the scammers are trying various ruses to get you to either download a virus or cough up names, addresses, credit card, bank info and even usernames and passwords.

The scams work because at this time of the year millions of people are getting stuff in the mail and expecting it. Scammers know there is a better chance that you will open an email, click a link, or even make a phone call in response to an official looking communication from a phish email.

It’s pretty simple not to get scammed here. Realize right now that none of these organizations will send you an email requesting more information from you or for you to download something.  And if you are currently engaged in shipping or receiving packages, go through the normal channels you usually do to make contact. Log into your accounts or go to the existing emails you may have to communicate.

Ultimately just hit delete.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing home security and identity theft on TBS Movie and a Makeover. Disclosures.

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