Shipping Scams Go After Small Business

A colleague with a small business was cleaning out his warehouse of tools and supplies and decided to list many items on Craigslist. I have lots of experience in this process and I can tell you “It’s always something”.

An application called “CraigsPro” allows you to go through your items snapping pictures and creates a simple Craigslist advertisement within a minute.

One item he was selling was a portable generator. He got the following email and sent it to me:

“Thanks for the prompt response,i will like to proceed with the transaction asap and my mode of payment will be via Bank certified check. However, to ease the pick up the item will be picked-up from you by my shipper once you receive and cash the check,i am willing to wait for your bank to verify and clear the check before the shipper pickup the item therefore I’ll need this detail below to mail out the check.

* The Full name on check
* Mailing address (Deliverable Address)
* Phone Number

Proceed to delete the advert of this item if my mode of payment is accepted and get back to me asap with your details to mail out the certified check to you.



My friend responded with his address for the “buyer” to send a check. Within 3 days via Federal Express an actual check came in the mail for hundreds of dollars more than the item was listed for. The additional dollars were supposed to pay for the shipping costs.

If my friend was to deposit thebogus check the funds would have shown in his account within a few days, thereby prompting him to mail out a business check to thecraigslist scammers. But once the check was determined a fake by the issuing back the funds would have been removed from his small business account.

To prevent overpayment scams never fall for advanced fee shipping scams. They are so obvious.

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