Security System Control Panels & Apps

An electronic home security system can provide peace of mind when it comes to protecting your home and your loved ones.

The nerve center of any home security system is the control panel. It handles all the functions of the system; monitoring the sensors placed on the doors and windows of your home and communicating with the security company if an alarm is triggered. It can also have panic buttons to sound alarms or summon police, the fire department, or emergency medical services. Home security systems can also be outfitted with smoke detectors, water sensors, and carbon monoxide sensors to protect your home against more than just intruders. The panels also have a twenty four hour back-up battery in order to maintain protection of your home even in the event or a power outage. The GE Home Security System control panel, used by security providers in their security systems, can connect to up to forty sensors and perform all of these functions wirelessly. (1)

The security system panels can be programmed with multiple codes for arming and disarming. If your children are expected to get home from school before you do, you can give them their own security code for the alarm system that lets you know when they have entered the house. You can also, if you wish, provide access codes to anyone who might be working in your home, such as a baby sitter or housekeeper. The alarm system’s control panel can also alert you to anytime a door or window is opened, thus keeping anyone from sneaking in or out of the house.

Your security system control panel can also be connected to your homes’ lights, heating and air conditioning, and even appliances. Being able to control all of these functions from one location is what’s known as home automation.

The majority of home security systems today are compatible with free downloadable apps that can control the system remotely. Not only can you arm and disarm the system from anywhere but the app will alert you to any alarms while you are out of the house. If you have provided multiple access codes to your family or people who will be working in your home, the app can alert you to who has entered the home and when. Any home automation features can also be activated with the home security app, allowing you to turn on lights, climate control, and appliances to have your home just the way you like it by the time you get home.

An electronic home security system with a remote control app can offer you peace of mind and protection whether you’re at home or away.