Most Burglarized Cities in the U.S

Surprisingly, burglaries happen more often during the day. Burglars wait for the home owners to leave for work, usually attempting to break in between the hours of 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. The FBI has stated that burglaries were the reason for a loss of $4.8 billion in 2011, meaning that the cost of each burglary at that time was $2,185.

Obviously, there are cities that are more crime-obsessed than others. Here are the top three most burglarized cities in the United States:

Highest Burglary Rates

1. Houston

The humid Texan city is known for many things, including great entertainment and fun, but it also has seen its fair share of crime recently. Houston climbed to the number one spot after seeing an astounding total of 27,459 burglaries in one year alone. Lack of security equipment is one of the biggest issues for burglarized homes.

2. Chicago

Unfortunately, Chicago is no stranger to being in the news and obtaining national media attention for being one of the most dangerous cities in the country. The amount of burglaries the Windy City has seen in one year adds to rough crime stereotype, documenting 26, 420 burglaries.

3. Dallas

The central Texas city, which provides the state with a substantial amount of income, saw a total of 18,727 burglaries in one year. While the total is significantly lower than its fellow Texan city, the amount of money Dallas generates along with the wealth of its residents, leaves the burglars with much to desire and be curious about.

States and individual cities, especially the most crime infested ones, encourage their residents to take measures that help prevent burglaries. One of the ways is home owners receiving discounts on their home owner’s insurance when they add safety features to the home, such as motion detectors. Many of the tips residents are given include always locking your vehicle, making sure you do not leave any valuables such as phones, a GPS or iPad in your vehicle at any time, locking your windows and doors of your house, installing monitoring systems, motion detectors and house alarms. Another great place to get tips is to check home security blogs with reputable authors.

Help decrease the number of burglaries in your city by following the aforementioned tips in order to do what you can to protect your house, family and belongings.