GPS Locator for a Person or Vehicle

We live in a time where you can track a car, a driver and even speed by using GPS tracking. This is a technology that is in huge demand, and it is not just because of higher rates of theft; but also due to technological advances and frankly, people “just want to know”.

vectuFBI reports show that in 2014, approximately 700,000 vehicles were stolen in the United States. This equates to a vehicle being stolen about every 46 seconds. Additionally, estimates from the U.S. Department of Justice show that approximately 2,000 children are reported missing each day. However, if you could track your vehicles and your children with one cheap, inconspicuous device, we can all change these statistics.

Tracking Devices are Available and Affordable

Fortunately, companies such as Aspenta’s Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker have created a comprehensive range of products that include vehicle and personal tracking, and these products offer a high level peace of mind at an affordable price. People such as parents who have students abroad, the caretakers of children or the elderly, or even those who want to monitor their motor vehicles locally or far away, all can stay connected when using Vectu.

Today, your peace of mind is more affordable than ever, and these devices are some of the best portable GPS/GSM vehicle tracking systems. The issue with most of the tracking systems available is that they come with expensive monitoring fees. This is not the case, however, with the Vectu system.

Details About the Vectu Vehicle Tracking System

 The Vectu system is quite affordable, and there is never any monthly fee. The first annual service fee is included in the cost of the device, and after that, the cost is only $36 each year. This system has the following features:

  • Service fee includes free roaming and worldwide coverage.
  • Live vehicle tracking with updates every minute when the person, vehicle or luggage is in motion.
  • Small tracker that can be concealed when necessary. It is smaller than a smartphone.
  • Has an arm feature that creates an alert instantly should the vehicle move from where it was left.
  • The ability to connect several devices to your account with no limit.
  • Instant phone and email alerts for up to five people.
  • Alerts to notify you if excessive speed is discovered.
  • Easy to set up. This system works with both Android and Apple devices.

This is one of; if not the most cost effective GPS locators I’ve seen. It’s easy to set up, intuitive and it definitely works well.

Amber Alert GPS: Say Hello to Smart Affordable Child Locators

The AmberAlert GPS,  is “The Intelligent Way to Keep Families Connected and Safe”,  today unveiled an infographic that explains how Smart Locators make it easier for families to stay connected and protected.  In the course of raising a family, over 90% of parents will at some point lose track of a child.  Kids are curious beings, so it’s not surprising that every 40 seconds a child goes missing in the US and close to 50% of autistic kids wander each year.  These panic stricken moments are usually the result of a child misunderstanding directions, being lost, running or wandering away.

With today’s busy schedules and dual-working parents, it’s not only about locating the whereabouts of family members that’s important, but also staying connected. Smart Locators, unlike tracking devices, have two key additional functions.  In addition to providing the known location of a person, they have 2-way mobile voice capability, and can be pre-programmed to send specific types of alerts to parents and caregivers.

“These are important distinctions”, said Alan Baratz, CEO of Amber Alert GPS.  “Tracking a set of car keys or a misplaced phone is very different from knowing the location of a person. The ability to receive an alert when, for example, your child is entering or leaving a designated area, or is within 500 feet of a registered sex offender’s home can provide invaluable information to a parent.  For little kids who are still too young for a cell phone, a smart locator allows them, with the push of a button, to get a hold of you or send an SOS alert if they feel threatened.  From a kids perspective, it’s like a modern day walkie-talkie, but so much more powerful”.

“Preventing the wandering away or loss of our kids is priceless,” said Robert Siciliano, a national expert on personal security. “A lot can happen in five minutes when dealing with a child. Making sure the device provides GPS reporting on a five minute interval without draining the battery, is crucial. Using an innovative tool like the Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator, enables families to easily locate loved ones and keep track of their kids anytime, from anywhere”.

The Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator is a trusted device used by thousands of families and caregivers nationwide, in a variety of ways.  It not only provides peace of mind for kids going to-and-from school, but is also used by families during sleepovers, after-school sports practice, playing on the beach and traveling internationally.  Furthermore, family members prone to wandering due to autism, Alzheimer’s and other disabilities, use the Amber Alert GPS Smart locator as an additional set of eyes and ears.

The same level of innovation that goes into the Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator is also used in the accompanying smartphone mobile apps. Available on iPhone® and Android, they allow you to keep track of your kids anytime, from anywhere. Families can download the free mobile app and purchase the Amber Alert GPS smart locator here or at AT&T stores nationwide. In addition, Amber Alert GPS is making it more affordable than ever for families nationwide to purchase a smart locator. For a limited time, families who purchase an Amber Alert GPS smart locator from AT&T will receive $100 bill credit from AT&T when they activate a new line of service – at less than $30 dollars for the smart locator, it’s a great way for families to stay connected and safe.


Thieves Stealing Your GPS Can Track You Back Home

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert

GPS is the single greatest invention since the wheel. Well, it is for me. Admittedly, I’m not a great driver. I don’t pay attention as much as I should. I day dream and I miss exits. I’m safe, but I just don’t like to drive. GPS gets me there.

I’ve messed with all kinds of GPS devices to get me from A to B. I’ve used iPhone Apps, Google Maps and the GPS that came built into me vehicles dashboard. My dashboard GPS is frustrating and less than user friendly. So I went out and picked up one of the name brand portable models. I LOVE IT!

Out of the box, it brought me through a set up wizard. The set up wizard prompted me to plug in my home address into a field appropriately called “Home.” This thing is so user friendly it allows you to press this one button from wherever you are at the time and it gets you home!

What a fantastic feature; for a car thief or a burglar!. As soon as I saw this feature I was like, ahhhh NO! I’m not plugging my home address in this thing. If my vehicle was ever stolen, the thief would know where I lived and have the remote control to my garage too! And if you ever valet a car at a restaurant or function, the valet has a buddy who then goes to your home and burgles it! With your keys! So I plugged “Home” as the address where city hall is. Plus I never give my house keys to a valet.

Some of you reading this might be saying “The thief still has your address on your vehicle registration” Ahhhh, NO! Not mine. First, you’re supposed to carry your registration in your wallet and not leave it in the car. I learned this after the cop who I reported my stolen car told me this 20 years ago.  And my registration is listed as a PO Box. I use a PO Box as a corresponding address for almost every transaction that allows it. I have a barrier between my home life and every thing else.

Remember, you have to think like a burglar to prevent a burglary.

Robert Siciliano personal security expert to Home Security Source discussing Tracking on the Tyra Banks Show